The Enterprise been born in the ' 56 as Careddu company Giovanni Maria has become in the 1984 sole proprietor them Careddu Maddalo, manages services of bus companies in concession and tourist with BUS G.T. the service of public transit, disciplined from the competent Councillorship of the Independent Region of the Sardinia, has covered the draft Tempio-Lo Sfossato initially, to this then has joined the Tempio-S. Antonio di Gallura, the Tempio-Arzachena and the Tempio-Capriccioli - they ages. The Company therefore has recepito the demands for a varied and diversified user that it has rewarded and it continues to reward, through uses constant, the seriousness of the offered service. In the tourist within the enterprise has progressively increased just the range and, consequently, renewed its park it blots some with a range of Minibus and Autobus from 8 - 19 - 30 -40 - 54 - 57 you mail all equips you of every confort. The local agencies are various and national, to which efficient services are introduced evidently sight the renewed demonstrated confidence. The customers number beyond to private school, travel agencies, association, group with a discreetly constant increment in the time.

Also our company in order to aim at the continuous satisfaction of the customers has adottao a system of management for cio that it regards the Quality in compliance with requirement of norm UNI EN ISO 9001:2000
The Careddu company Bus services has the own center in Tempio Pausania (SS) and operates in the field of the transport of persons on road from 1956