Tempio Pausania considered the "capoluogo historical one" of the Gallura. The city one extends on a scattered plateau of vineyards and sughereti, in sight of the evocative ones contrafforti of the Limbara Mount, and has an historical center very conserved, where churches, houses admire and palazzetti of granito gray. It puts into effect them TEMPIO PAUSANIA, situated in the heart of the beautifulst GALLURA, to the feet of mount LIMBARA, fregia of the city title it since 1836, in consequence of the "Pregone" of viceré the Don Giuseppe Maria Montiglio d' Ottiglio and Villanova, and boasts the episcopal center of the ancient diocese of Tempio-Ampurias, constituted in 1839, with the unification of the two dioceses of Civita (Olbia) and Ampurias (Aragonese Castel). It can be asserted that it is easy to recognize the vocation of Tempio to the character precipuo of City and the role of city-guide of the territory; the position, the landscape, the climate, the water, the granito one, the cork, the agricultural products, the wine completed the picture of a destiny strongly aggregatrice ability that Tempio had, had and will still be able to have. The present Common of Tempio Pausania, also being demographically inferior to 15.000 inhabitants, it has obtained for a long time the acknowledgment of the comparison to the common ones with advanced demographic entity to 65.000 inhabitants, just in relation to the fact that on its territory numerous services insist publics and of public interest that you graviti all make yes that a population very greater consistency, coming from from an immense territorial area whom all comprises the Gallura and you leave of the Anglona and the Acute Mount.
Tempio Santa Teresa Gallura Km. 60
Tempio Palau Km. 45
Tempio Costa Smeralda Km. 55
Tempio Olbia (Porto -Aeroporto) Km. 40
Tempio Sassari Km. 70
Tempio Porto Torres Km. 89
Tempio Alghero Km. 106
The Careddu company Bus services has the own center in Tempio Pausania (SS) and operates in the field of the transport of persons on road from 1956
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